We care about our clients and our employees safety and well-being, it's our first priority. As such, here are the COVID-19 prevention procedures we are following while you are a guest in our salon.

  • Everyone must wear mask at all times (masks are not provided by the salon).

  • All hair stylist wears a mask, gloves and in some cases a face shield.

  • Body temperatures are checked for normal levels before entering the salon.

  • No waiting in the salon. Clients must wait in their vehicles until their hair stylist is ready for them.

  • No eating in the salon. No food or snacks will be sold or available.

  • Hair stylists can only service one client at a time (no overlapping).

  • After each client, areas used during service will be cleaned and disinfected.

  • Please only bring necessary personal items, limited to a cell phone and form of payment, credit card or debits card preferred (no cash if possible).

  • If you are feeling ill, coughing, sneezing etc. on the day of the appointment, please reschedule your appointment.

PPE in hair salon