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About Us

Hair-Apy is the heart of Salon V Experience. We only exist to insure our clients receive the best hair treatments and regiments suited for their particular needs.



Step One: 


We don’t offer every hair treatment and application known to mankind but for the ones we do offer, every hairstylist is trained and certified to provide them with exceptional quality. We believe training is our secret weapon. Every hairstylist upon hire goes through a 24 week certification training program. Thereafter, training is provided incrementally to keep their customer service and hairstyling skills sharp. Sporadic quality checks are provided by our Chief Creative Director to get real-time feedback for how our hairstylist skills are taking care of your needs. Creativity is a must for our hairstylist as well. Even though our hairstylist are trained to provide the same hair treatments, creativity is an ingredient mixed in to give each hairstylist their own unique flair for producing a broad range of styles and approaches to cover the various taste of our diverse clientele.


Step Two: 


Do you have any goals for your hair such as growing it longer or making it fuller? If so, these are the types of things discussed in our consultation as a first time client or with a change in your hair plan. Yes hair plan! Salon V Experience cares about not only how your hair is styled but your approach to maintenance and hair care. Our licensed, trained, and certified hairstylists determine what you desire for your hair before any treatment is applied. This way we ensure what we do for you fits into your plan and contributes to attaining your goals for your hair. Our consultations are a part of our process and always complimentary, so set an appointment today to allow us to be well on our way in assisting you in attaining your desires for your hair.



Step Three: 


Our hairstylists service all hair types with various treatments. The right hair products and accessories can work well to keep your style looking fresh after leaving the salon. Professional products by Provel and Design Essentials are available for purchase to complement your hair treatment and style. Rather your hair is natural or chemically treated, kinky or straight, short or long, we have high quality professional products to meet your needs.


Step Four: 


Our service to our clients do not end when we complete your hair treatment in the salon. With your permission, we become your partner on your hair plan journey. Before our clients leave, we set future visits to provide retreatments or maintenance to support your hair plan. We check in with you a few days after a visit to inquire about treatment suitability and satisfaction. Also, we inquire about your maintenance and regiment for sustaining the treatment or supporting your hair plan. Finally, we provide brochures, newsletters, and other materials that are important to know for your situation, giving you the most up-to-date information to maintain your fresh look.


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